Be Your Own Boss: Packing For Your Journey

Do you have the right supplies in your backpack? Do you have too many tools and don’t know what to do with them? This Quest is a great place to start learning about the tools that are out there; know what you need, why you need it, and learn how to use it. By not overburdening yourself, but ensuring you have the essentials on-hand, it will help you have a smoother journey along the way.

Let’s Talk About The “Backpack” First:

When you are planning a long journey, you want to start with the right equipment – but just as important as the equipment in the backpack, you need to know that the backpack itself is extremely important. If the backpack is not comfortable, you aren’t going to want to carry it for long. If the backpack is cheaply made, it isn’t going to last the entire journey, and then how you are you going to carry all the things you need to survive? The metaphor of the physical backpack is symbolic of the foundation of your business – the thing that is going to carry your business to success. It is the foundation, the cornerstone, and you cannot move forward on your journey without first having researched it and having selected it. What is it? Your NICHE. Without a niche, your business will be all over the place and will not have very good odds of success. We want you to succeed, so picking the right niche is the first step to packing for a long journey in entrepreneurship.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

What Is A Niche? defines a niche as, “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

A niche is kind of like a genre of music or books, for example there is a genre for Country Music, Hip Hop, R&B, Christian, etc. & there is a genre of books for History, Self-Improvement/Self-Help, Fiction, Nonfiction, Sci-Fi, Westerns, and so on. A niche is like that – it is a broadly focused selection, or a theme, that is strictly followed and adhered to when running the business.

Examples of niches might be Fashion For Moms-To-Be, Fun Activities For Pet Owners, Western Wear, Health & Nutrition For Seniors, Wealth & Financial Management For Parents, etc. Notice most of the examples I provided are very specific and drilled down to certain demographics of people where only one I provided (Western Wear) was general, but still honed-in on a specific theme or topic.

Selecting A Niche:

Now that you understand what a niche is, it is time to select the perfect niche for you.

When selecting a niche make sure it is something you will enjoy working with for a long time – you are going to live it, eat it, breath it and it is going to reward you back based on the time and love you put into it. It is important to remember that although you need to adhere to your final selection, a niche is dynamic – meaning it can grow, adapt, and change with your business needs. Staying true to your niche doesn’t mean being static. A static business will fail, so learning how to make your niche dynamic is going to set you up for success in the long-run.

There are some good tools out there to help you pick the perfect niche for your business. You’ll need to learn what those tools are and how to use them in order to test your niche against the market to make sure it has a chance of succeeding.

Choose Your Path:

That brings us to lesson 3, where it is time to choose your path for completing this quest. Currently, we offer 2 different paths for you to choose from on this adventure. The first one is an independent niche selection, where we provide you with tools to help you select a niche and the second is offered by the people that trained us! You’ll love their 7-day course and we highly recommend it.

Path 1: Independent Niche Selection Package – $47

Path 2: The 7-Day Shift ($27 For A Limited Time)

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Want the shortcut? You can forgo both of these paths and go it completely alone – picking a niche using our free guides to point you in the right direction. Click the “FREE Niche Guides” button below.

Choose The Path You Want To Follow For This Quest:

Find Your Niche, Free Guides
Independent Niche Selection Package
7-Days Of Coaching

The shortcut is a free pathway you can travel on, but you sacrifice value and lose out on some serious education and skill-growth by taking this shortcut. Can you succeed on this path? Of course you can, but for most to succeed here, you must already have some modern-day business knowledge of how to make money online. If you already have your niche selected, then we still HIGHLY recommend taking the second path’s 7-Day Shift option because you are going to get more out of it than just picking out a niche!

The first path, “Independent Niche Selection Package”, includes our free guides (found in the shortcut path), plus some additional tools to help you reach the end-goal of defining your niche or at minimum narrowing down a list of potential niches. This path packs a lot of value into a nicely wrapped digital eBook for the low price of $47. This price is a limited-time offer, so get it now before it goes up. The first path works best when combined with the 7-Day Shift noted in Path 2, but it can be used as a stand-alone tool to help you pick a niche.

The second path is the best price & the best value for the money. This path puts you in a community of like-minded people, a path that provides 7-days worth of training webinars to walk you through creating a niche, selecting a brand type, & much more! This path is where we got our own start – it is an amazing training course that is worth every penny. If you wonder about it being a scam because you’ve seen stuff like this before, we assure you it isn’t a scam. It will keep your attention, excite you about the future, & set the stage for your future growth.