Find A New Job: Follow A Career Path

Sometimes working a J.O.B. isn’t a bad thing, the rat-race can be fulfilling to many people. Many jobs offer stability, employer sponsored benefits such as retirement funds, insurance, paid leave, and a steady income that you can budget around pretty solidly. You might want to find a new job, but find yourself struggling to find something that works for you. Maybe you haven’t had a job for a while or aren’t happy where you are working right now; maybe you are tapped out on your growth opportunities or are ready to try something new; maybe you have a crappy boss or aren’t getting along so well with the coworkers – whatever the reason, you found your way to this pathway wanting to find a new job for yourself. Mind-you, patience is required when you are hunting for a job, as is diligence. While we can’t control who hires you and who doesn’t, what we can do is provide guidance on where you should be looking for jobs; assist with making a stellar resume, cover letters, and build a presentable portfolio; coach you on the steps to find a new job to include practice interviews and how to dress for an interview, and more! The Chain Breaker Coach that will help you on this quest has leadership skills and has spent years in corporate environments, small business environments, and even in specialized-trade consultant situations, so your coach will have working knowledge of key things you need to consider when applying for your next job. If you are ready to start climbing this mountain, click here.

The Mountain: Find A New Job