My Mountain: Creativity & Adventure

You’ve selected one of our favorite mountains to climb, because sometimes life is just too serious and you lose yourself in work, raising a family, and even in comfort and convenience. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting in a pit of complacency and feeling less than mediocre. We day dream about old passions and hobbies that once brought us pleasure, but we’ve lost the ability to enjoy them because we are too busy to slow down. Life gets crazy and we can find ourselves drowning in the craziness, craving creativity and adventure instead of the lives we’ve found ourselves living. Though this mountain may seem more like a hill to outsiders not living in your shoes, we know that it isn’t as simple as going and buying some paints, canvases, and paint brushes and just start painting again. We know that there are obstacles in the way that aren’t giving you the time, peace, and guilt-free existence you need to enjoy your time being creative and having fun on adventures. We get that this hill really can be a huge mountain for many people and that is why our Chain Breaker Coaches have developed adventures, quests, and pathways to help guide you through this phase of your life.  If you are ready to start climbing this mountain, choose your adventure below: