My Mountain: Health, Wealth, & Appearance

When you aren’t feeling your best everything else in your life suffers, from your relationships, job or business, to your personal happiness and well-being. When you are sick, have a chronic illness or life-long disability, when your emotions are out of sync, even when you just don’t feel attractive – these things are a heavy burden to carry and often cause a domino effect where one issue leads to another and another – before you know it you have hit rock bottom and that mountain in front of you seems bigger and more impossible than ever. While we are not medical professionals or licensed therapists, we are empathetic people that have experienced severe trauma, sickness, grief, and disability in our lives; and some of us live with permanent chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Disease, and Lupus so we understand pain and suffering on a whole different level. We’ve learned that sometimes, the best experts are the people that experience the issues first hand, how important it is just having an empathetic ear to turn to, a way to easily get guidance through the experience of others, and how having a place to turn to for support can be the glimmer of hope you need to start turning things around. While we can’t provide cures or professional medical advice, our Chain Breaker Coaches use their personal experiences to help others find light in the midst of their darkness, igniting hope where sometimes there is little or none to be found. Our coaches used the knowledge from their own journey of pain and suffering to develop adventures, quests, and pathways to help guide you on how to tackle the mountain of health, wellness, and appearance. If you are ready to start climbing this mountain, choose your adventure below: