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Valor Pathways Book Club

You should make it a personal goal to read something everyday, even if it is just one page a day. Reading makes you more intellectual, more thoughtful, more analytical, and it can teach you different ways of thinking or solidify things you already know but may need a little reassurance about. Reading can open up your creativity and can take your imagination to different worlds through works of fiction and through works of nonfiction. Part of your journey to a better tomorrow should always include taking time to read. Make it a goal to never stop learning and never stop using your imagination!

The Valor Pathways Book Club has two options for joining:

  • FREE ACCESS: A list of the books we are reading in the book club (or have read) with our affiliate links to make it easy for you to click and purchase the book you are interested in without having to hunt endlessly for it online. You’ll get our review rating of the book and a brief summary of what we liked or didn’t like about the book.
  • PAID MEMBERSHIP: Get everything included with Free Access plus you will get the opportunity to join our exclusive live events on Discord for book discussions; you’ll get a copy of our full notes about the book; and when available we will provide a free e-book version or audio book version of the ACTIVE BOOK we are reading for the month(*). You’ll get a free Valor Pathways Book Club book bag when you stay with us for 6 consecutive months – filled with a couple of goodies as a thank you for supporting our business. We’ll be adding to our book club membership benefits as the group grows, so make sure to tell your friends and family about Valor Pathways Book Club!


*eBooks and/or audio books will be provided as long as we have distribution license permissions or where we can gift you the digital version of the book. In some instances, we will need information from you in order to send eBooks as gifts through your Audible account or Kindle account (as examples). By signing up for our paid membership, you are agreeing to provide the information we need to be able to send you the book. If an eBook or audio book is not available, we will have an option for you to purchase the physical book on your own. Since each book may be different in the way they are licensed/distributed, we will have to handle these on a case-by-case basis so that we remain in compliance with copyright laws, etc. In some cases we may offer discounts on purchases of the physical copies or free shipping – again, these will have to be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the details and legalities surrounding the book itself. Rest assured, we want to provide you with the best service possible for being part of our book club and we want you to have the book – so we are going to do our best to help make that happen for you, just be aware that in some circumstances it may be out of our hands and we may have to charge for the physical copy of the book and/or for shipping to your address. Our book club is NEW, so we will improve upon these processes as we become more familiar with how we are going to distribute the books as part of joining.